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Katerina Ksenyeva - actress, singer, composer, author and journalist
In October 2012 Katerina Ksenyeva have received a working artistic O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa to enter the USA. Lives in the USA.


Who is she?

A calm beauty

A funny squint-eyed idiot?

To spoil the actress’ appearance the film director made her cross-eyed and gave her a pair of round-framed spectacles.

She had tried to look asquint so hard that she might lose her sight.

Is she a romantic girl in love with her fiancé?

or ...
A man-hater, possessed by mental suffering?

A girl for a gay?

Some special boy, a kind of “gamin de Paris?”

La dame aux camellias? Camille?

A lady from the Place Pigalle?

A simple Mexican girl?

A medieval page?

Perky Nancy, a Charles Dickens’ heroine?

A secret agent?

“Warm heartedness, wise living and a hot light are very rare things in life”, the wanderer Pelegrin says to her heroine - to his beloved Elvira.

The audience cried at her debut performance in “Santa Cruz”.

Since then, Max Frisch has been to her the wisest romantic of all playwrights while the dramatic role of Elvira is an embodiment of Love, Womanhood and Forgiveness.
She is just living her own life but not specially mixing with fashionable in-crowd individuals.
She is proud of being born on the same Fifth Cabbalistic Thursday as Freddy Mercury was.
A friend of hers, who is a very popular Russian actor, upon seeing her like this, shouted: “Oh, you’re my Freddychka!”. Because he is also a great admirer of Freddy.
She has friends who are the best ones in the world.
Her motto is: “Give your heart to those who could not defend themselves”.
Her vocal album “Lullaby for a Man” was released in 2009. Katerina Ksenyeva’s rock-ballad dedicated to the deceased crew of the “Kursk” submarine gave the name to the album.
She played herself again in the film “Don’t Think about White Monkeys”.
A Buddhist parable gave the film its name.
She is presently working on a new album in English in the genre of World Music. Under way there are international music videos of her songs and the songs by authors whose musical views she shares.

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